The "My Mobile" handbook

The "My Mobile" handbook outlines some guidelines and scenario for mobile learning in education in the context of adult learning based on some theoretical and conceptual considerations.

"My Mobile" handbook (PDF)
mobile learning in education
"My Mobile" handbook (ePub)
mobile learning in education

1. Introduction to and rationale for the handbook
› Katja Friedrich ❘

2. MyMobile ❘ Partner information and project description
› Daniel Zils ❘

3. Mobile learning : some theoretical and practical considerations
› Norbert Pachler, Judith Seipold and Ben Bachmair ❘ London Mobile Learning Group

4. Training scenarios
Institute of Education ❘ Training scenario n°1
University of Florence ❘ Training scenario n°2 & 3 ❘ Training scenario n°4 & 5
Media Animation ❘ Training scenario n°6 & 7

5. Mobile learning in adult education: lessons learnt and recommendations
› Maria Ranieri and Isabella Bruni ❘ UNIFI & MED Italy

6. Resources ❘ websites, apps, contacts and references
› Catherine Gerooms and Paul de Theux ❘ Media Animation BE

7. Biographies

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