MyMobile Workshop Florence

The leading idea of the Florence workshop entitled “Mobile 2.0 to support visibility and job search” was to help adult disadvantaged learners to develop digital skills to promote self-representation and increase personal visibility for job search and placement. In particular, the focus was on how to design, implement and disseminate a multimedia CV (curriculum vitae) by using mobile phones and web 2.0 tools.

The workshop was led by Maria Ranieri and Isabella Bruni in collaboration with LinksUp’s researchers, within the context of TRIO, the official e-learning platform of the Tuscan Region.

The target group was made up of people in search of a first job or people with difficulties in finding new jobs requiring media skills and competence and of immigrants looking for new opportunities in the Italian marketplace.

The workshop took place through 3 meetings between May (30th) and June (6th and 13rd) 2011. It involved about 10 people aged 25-60, some coming from Tuscany, others from Romania, Morocco and Perù. The meetings were carried out in the rooms of Novolab, the public space promoted at local level by Provincia di Firenze for integration between learning and job.

The workshop was structured as follows:

Mobile devices as learning tools were considered in a twofold perspectives, i.e. as a tool to gather visual information about the individual contexts of life to be used in the multimedia cv and as a tool to interact with students. Moreover, we investigated the students’ representations and uses of mobile devices through a dedicated survey.

Moreover, a blog was implemented to support content delivery and sharing, and interaction.

At the end of the process, all the participants implemented a first draft of their multimedia CV. Some examples will be published on the workshop website.

An analysis of the workshop’s research results is still underway.

Download the Florence Workshop report here.

Florence Workshop report
Students at work with tutors
Participant introducing herself
Participant at work