MyMobile Workshop Germany

The leading idea of the workshop in Germany, entitled „Calling mobile – learning mobile?!” is to encourage multipliers in adult learning to use mobile phones on a daily work base as an instrument of learning. In particular, the participants of the workshop will get to know, how to implement the mobile phone as a tool of learning in their daily work.

The workshop will be held by Daniel Zils ( in collaboration with the More Generational House Wittlich, represented by Michaele Schneider.

The target groups of the workshop are first multipliers in the field of adult learning, like trainers in community schools and others and second senior adults, who work on a voluntary base in More Generational Houses in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The goal of the workshop is to encourage the participants to use the mobile phone not only for communicational purposes, but rather use the variety given by the mobile device. From taking photos and taking short video clips to recording podcasts, the participants get a deep look inside, of what is possible with the mobile device as a learning tool.

The structure of the workshop will be held through three meetings in Wittlich (16th, 23rd and 30th of September 2011) and additional homework in between. One goal of the workshop could be the implementation of a web platform, where the learners can share their results and discuss the outcome.

Download the German Workshop report here.

German Workshop report
Participants gathering data in the field
Group work in progress