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The University of Florence is one of the largest institution of higher education in Italy, with about 60.000 students and a number of departments and faculties among which the Faculty of Education (FoE). The FoE provides several courses and masters in the fields of K-12 education, professional and vocational training, multicultural education, adult education, lifelong learning, e-Learning and educational technology, social inclusion and special education. The FoE has been collaborating with the Ministry of Education and other local public bodies concerned with education, and also with the private sector. In particular, major research activity and projects are underway in the fields of educational methods and technologies, new media and education, thanks to the Educational Technology Laboratory (ETL, Laboratorio di Tecnologie dell’Educazione - LTE).

The ETL involves academics, scholars and practitioners into research and educational activities on e-learning, instructional design, computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), web based training, and mobile learning. The ETL has been involved in several public initiatives concerning teachers training in Education and ICT. In 2008-2010 the lab was involved in the EU project ENSEMBLE ( aimed at testing mobile technologies and methods to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged people.
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ETL People – Antonio Calvani, Maria Ranieri, Antonio Fini, Giovanni Bonaiuti, Laura Menichetti

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Maria Ranieri
University of Florence, Department of Education
Educational Technology Laboratory
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Project Staff and Collaborators

Isabella Bruni, PhD Student, University La Sapienza, Rome

Laura Casalini, Graduated Student, Faculty of Education, University of Florence