, (, was founded by the Media Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate (LMK) in December 2006 as a not-for-profit Ltd. The legal basis is §31/1 of the State Media Law: “The LMK can also establish an agency for the promotion of media literacy or participate in such an agency.” The agency is commissioned by its company member LMK and mandated by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Culture Rhineland-Palatinate (MBWJK).

The work of derives from the responsibility of the State Media Authorities for the protection of minors in the media. This not-for-profit organisation therefore develops, realises and evaluates offerings in practical media training for various educational sectors in Rhineland-Palatinate. Among the partners are day-care centres, schools and extra-curricular school programmes, teacher-training institutes and universities, agencies for youth work, and adult education institutions. In diverse workshops, all target groups and age brackets are offered suitable learning opportunities and options for experimentation with new educational models and conceptions.

The participants in our programmes include persons of all ages: children and adolescents, parents, adults, teachers, social educators, students, university teachers, and other multipliers. is specialised in practical projects in the areas of audio, video, and multi-media (TV, film, radio, radio plays, internet, mobile phone applications, etc.) and has cultivated long-term partnerships in education and continuing education. The organisation’s trainers visit the clients on location, providing comprehensive services: media education competence, conceptions tailored to specific needs, and appropriate technical equipment. Due to its activities in diverse educational sectors, has particular expertise in areas of interface, such as the junctures between day care and schools, schools and vocational training, formal and informal educational structures, professional training and practical work contexts of teachers and educators.

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